Hello and welcome to my official website.. Well where do I start ? at the beginning I suppose .  Since I was a little girl growing up in N Ireland in the small village of Park Co Derry N Ireland I was passionate about music and got my first musical instrument a very battered guitar given to me . I gathered Patatoes for local farmers and got enough money to get some strings and was shown my first three chords . I was hooked and continued teaching myself to play much to the despair of my family at times its funny all these years later I am always instructed to make sure and bring my guitar when I am visiting my Home in Ireland  again.

I left Ireland at 16 to go for a holiday in Scotland with a guitar in one hand  a button key accordion over my shoulder and a small suitcase . That was 30 years ago and Here I am still in Scotland .I played the Irish Circuit in Glasgow ,there was one back then . When I was only 18 I supported Daniel O Donnell in The Kelvin Centre in Glasgow a fortnight later he had a no1 Hit in Ireland "Donegal Shore" and when Daniel was busy basking in his new found fame I was sacked from the Corner Bar  Why? because I was the resident act and they were not happy that I left them without any music for one night while I was off supporting Daniel.!

 Soon after I found myself in a band called Nevada playing every country club in Scotland and beyond . My stage name was Tanya and eventually I set up my own band Tanya and Sneaky Moon . I enjoyed my days on The country music scene very much . I  took a break from performing for a while and  became very interested in IT and so found myself at college for a year where I aqquired some qualifications in IT 1 and 2  . I then went on to train with A web design company for a year  learning javascript,HTML ,etc etc  I built Country Music Scotland a webzine  and it became a small promotional co for touring acts mostly .

None of the social networking sites were around then so my webzine had a lot of hits and I met some great people through it many are still friends . I kept bands in my home and often promoted gigs for them . I also had reviewers who attended concerts on my behalf I also did many interviews with touring bands . Billy Kelly RIP was a good friend and mentor and always gave me press passes to all his events he liked what I was doing and told me I should be a full time promoter I was always a bit scared of the risks involved to take it any further so did it in a small way for people I really liked it was a kind of labour of love .  
in 2006 I became both Founder and Director of The Neilston Live! Barfest. This gave me a platform to put Billy's suggestion to the test and I programmed 16 bands to 4 venues over a nine day period  and called on the help of many great friends and musicians .The First ever live Music Festival in Neilston was a great success and I will always have cherished memories of those 9 days . I also provided the Headline act  Bob CheeversGrammy award winning songwriter from Nashville .

In 2007 I went back to college and still organised the next Barfest and bowed out to concentrate on my own journey as a singer . .After leaving college I decided I wanted to make an album and was delighted to have it taken on by Greentrax who released my Debut album "A song in her heart" in Feb 2008. I was amazed by the response my album recieved from music critic's worldwide and found myself being interviewed by several magazines and Radio show hosts and playing some great gigs .
Among others, I have had the privelege of supporting Sean Cannon from the famous Dubliners, Bob Cheevers, grammy award winning singer songwriter from Nashville, Donnie Munro (ex lead singer of Runrig).and his band , The Finlay Mc Donald band . I was also asked to tour the UK with the Legendary Johnny McEvoy unfortunately the tour was cancelled due to Johnny's health . 

 I would count myself a Folk  and country singer but dont like being put in a box .I have been writing a lot more mostly about life experience and observations .I am now gathering material for my second album, which I hope to record soon. I am the rosta of many good agents including Northbeat  Ran By Karin Ingram and Jackie Cooper . I am also on The speciality section of  Best ActsEntertainment Scotland  and more recently Northumberland Based Flying Pixie Promotions and Music Management http:// www.flyingpixiepromotions.co.uk , I  am available for a variety of venues and events, from theatres to festivals, both at home and overseas. I am happy to support bigger acts and can work in different musical settings from solo to full band scenario .

I have also been presenting my own Radio Show on Celtic Music Radio since Feb 2008 another labour of love which I really enjoy and have met some great people through it and many of my friends from previous years and listeners from all over the world .           Kind Regards Mary 

          PS      I  have just set up a new Music Promotion Co Website will be live soon . Meantime. Check it out on Reverbnation

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          Jacky Cooper  (Northbeat Agency )         
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          Jim Smart   (Best Acts Agency )
Tel: 0845 388 9648
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                    I look forward to seeing you at my gigs please come and say hello.

          Best wishes,


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